Monday, 6 January 2014


by: ရိုးရိုး
Southbank, UK I was walking down Southbank last night between river Thames and Southbank center. There is a kind of entertainment area. I have been wandering up and down the street since 10pm after getting dumped by my girlfriend. I just wanted to drunk and talk to someone for a while. 

I was so drunk and I am looking for a type of face. The facial type like my girlfriend had. She was from Asian country, coastal region where girls have thin lips, small light dark eyes, high cheekbone, olive skin, big feet, tall and dark hair. Girls from my girlfriend area are very oriental. But to me, they are beauty incarnate, graceful, extra ordinary, glamour, exotic, gorgeous, glamourous and divine. Just like my girlfriend who broke my heart. recently. I kept thinking about her , I could have many girls at my work place who interested me before I met my girlfriend but no one I see can compare to her beauty and I loved her so much.

 It was nearly midnight and the shops are closed. I saw a smile from a street side near the tree. At the time, I thought it's her - my girlfriend. I approached her and everything is the same her light dark eyes, her thin lips and her smile. A single difference is there is a short hair cut on her head.

 I walked to her and greeted . She smiled and sat next to me on the wooden bench. I stroked her cheek and it was really icy cool . I talked to her, she was laughing at my silly jokes. Was so astonished because the way she laughed was exactly the same as my girlfriend. She rested her head on my shoulder.

 There were 2 policemen. They were staring at me. I looked back and told them "What's up officer?".
They looked at each other and said.   "R u ok?" 

Then they came up to me and asked whether I can manage or not. I told them
 "I am fine, I am fine, but this young lady needs to catch the train. I don't think I can walk her. I am a bit drunk and dizzy. Can you help her to reach the station safe?

 "Who?" one of the policeman asked. "I was getting so upset, but in England you have to remain clam . I speak slowly so they can clearly understand,
 "The lady ~next~ to me. Sir"
  He signed and then said
 "Sir, there is no lady" I freaked out.
 "Where'd she go" I asked.
 "There's no lady Sir. You sat alone for half an hour already"

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