Friday, 1 October 2010

I had a hair salon nightmare when I last visited to a local salon in Manchester in Jan 2009. A hair dresser cut my hair really short instead of teasing the end. I was in shock it did not look like the style I discussed with her before hair cut. I was close to tear, it was traumatic and horrific. I had been to that shop every week for a wash and blow dry. Actually she was rushing to go out after a phone call from her mates. She used her mobile phone quite often while cutting my hair. I will not ever be going back there again. After that experience, I will think twice before I visit any salons.

I always chop the end of my hair once in every three months, I had never gone to any professional hair salon before, when I noticed my flat mate’s hair style I asked her she said she had her hair cut and styled in Toni & Guy. I researched a lot about it on the internet.

It is a uni sex salon which is the most popular hair salon in the UK and in other countries. I tried in Toni & Guy last year. They have their own brand of hair products with reasonable prices. The first salon of Toni & Guy opened in 1963. Almost all big towns and cities in the UK have their salons.  

Toni & Guy is a professional and trendy salon in which has different levels of stylists. They have a great team of people which consists of talented young stylists and experience hairdressers. The sinks were comfortable and cosy, the shampoo smelt nice. I was offered a drink from the staff, which was really nice. The staff are very professional, friendly and welcoming. It is on the high street therefore very handy for shoppers. Moreover they give 10% discount to full time student and 30% discount to the children under the age of 12, those offers are available on Monday to Friday.  

I would like to open my own salon in the near future. I will chose a good location and luxurious salon furniture. Price is also important to the success of the business. The image ,reputation, special offers and good services are attractive to all customers. Moreover customer recommendation is very important. Need to keep regular customer in order to grow business


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