Sunday, 16 December 2012

Doomy Gloomy Weather and Mid live Crisis

by : ရိုးရိုး

Winter is here; the darkness, some sharp frozes, snow fall and minus temperature all are telling you. That is the weather. The weather in here in the United Kingdoms. Like everyone , I have been trying to land my next job without any success. In fact, I am seriously considering about my age. Getting old is no fun at all. As you all know that there are too many things which older people can not able to cope it or handle it . In fact, I do not have enough time to sit in front of computer to brouse vacancy advertisements. Talking myself to every possible solutions that I can think of. I actually seriously considering to quit and not work for a while. However financial situation will not allowed to do so. My wife who works in the State is ready to accept me. I am sure she would never even crossed her mind. However I can not just dish my two sons, 3 step children and their education here. . I think both my employer and myself are running out of patience of the situation. Too many responsibilites I can not to bear as the old days. Well do you think my story is mid life crisis of a family. I will call this boring life. As Mr Benjamin said, we are stuck. Yeah, we all are

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