Friday, 15 April 2011

(((Definately not for wounded Burma!!!))))

In many countries, young people have to serve in militaries for several years. Nowadays, in our home country, the new government planning to practise a compulsory Military Service for young generation. In that case we need to consider whether compulsory military services is benifit or not for everyone.

In general, this policy is good for individuals however it is not suitable for all nations and people.

Military is the place where young people eat together, train together, share hostel together and learn together. Youths can earn huge knowledge of how to behave and how to work as a team after successfully accomplished military trainings. Moreover, after leaving military trainings, most of the soldiers will have built up brotherly relationship.

Advantages are

-mentally more mature

-physically stronger

-get the ability to control emotion.

Therefore soldiers will have more self confident to deal with difficulties in their life and will be treasures in memories about the experience in the trainings.

But the policy is not suitable for all countries for instance my country (Burma) we have more than enough military forces for 55millions of population. I don’t really think it is a good policy for Burma. Burma needs to rebuild all system especially Health & Education. Can you imagine how much money did Burmese government spend for health? I bet it is not more than £2 per year for each people. I would not even cover immunization vaccine.

Let's think about reality and forget about politics. Do we really need to reinforce military? Some other countries need to reinforce their military because their enemies tend to be their neighbours for instance Israel. They have to defend their small land because neighbours are attacking their mother land. Look at our country, neighbours like China adores us as far as we let them do their business. Thailand, their economy is totally depending on our resources. They got cheap labours and raw materials from our country. Even India, they won’t even think to attack us. So what is the point to recruit more soldiers? We have more than enough soldiers to defend our mother land.

Our country is built by various ethnic groups. We are the same, we all represent our country, and we should have the same rights and chances for every States and Divisions. Nowadays, we kill each other rather than love each other. I read on the news everyday about my country. Every time, I wish not to see causalities, homelessness, starvation, poverty and mild nutrition. I wish our people are not suffering from civil wars. When will the fighting be over? Why military forces and ethnic armies kept fighting rather than building up good relationship?

Well, I personally think that military service is very effective for all young generation, but we should seriously consider the needs of our country and individuals therefore I want to say this policy is not suitable to adopt for Burma.

Definately not for Burma!!!!!

((((((((Definately not for our wounded Burma !!!!!))))))))

စိတ္ထဲခံစားမိသမွ် ခ်ေရးမိပါသည္။

လြတ္လပ္စြာ ကြဲလြဲႏိုင္ပါသည္။

သတ္ပံု၊ဝါက်တည္ေဆာက္ပံု အမွားအယြင္းမ်ားရွိပါက သီးခံဖတ္ေပးပါရန္ ေမတၱာရပ္ခံအပ္ပါသည္။


  1. သီးခံျပီး ဘယ္လိုဖတ္ ရလဲမသိလို ့ ၊ သည္းခံျပီးပဲ ဖတ္လိုက္တယ္ ။

  2. ဟုတ္ကဲ့ အမွားအတိုင္းဘဲ ထားလိုက္ပါတယ္။
    လာေရာက္ဖတ္ရႈ အားေပးတ့ဲ အတြက္ ေက်းဇူးတင္ပါတယ္။