Wednesday, 5 August 2009

(52) My amazing body

I was in the hospital to see specialist, he upload my chest X ray on his computer. I was schocked when he said there is a metal near your chest bone then he show me where it is. It seems a small metal which is not more than 1.5" I think. I don't know why I do not know over 30 years of my age. In my childhood I played more than boys. I had broken hands, injuries most of the time. I do need to ask my mum but I don't want to let her know that I am not feeling well. She will definately know what it was. ..... .... ... My brother said just take it out, my sister said stay clam. I am trying. .... I know some people stayed years even there was bullets in their body. I am not worrying now.... but .... ahhh ..... It was unbelieable. If anyone have same experience please e mail me. Thanks.

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