Friday, 25 September 2009

(80) CURLY HAIR ဆံပင္ ေကာက္ေကာက္

Why do I have naturally curly hair? Obviously my grandparent or great grandparent had natural curly hair. So I am 100% sure I carry ancestor genes.(Heredity). Proud of it !!!!!

Research shown that 75% of population in the world has some sort of natural curly hair or wavy hair. Having curly hair is one of the hassles I had to deal with every day. Look at in my family, my mum and dad have straight hair but me, my No.2 sister and two younger brothers have curly or wavy hair. The other 3 sisters have long straight silky hair. Jealous !!!!!!!!!!!

When I was little girl, my dad use to send me hair cut to local Barber (ဇြဲဆံသ) Zwe Barber shop. That was the only choice in local area. Whenever I had hair cut, then looked at the mirror, I never satisfied. I did cry quite often. Those of you have naturally curly hair, I can sympathize. I had it all my life.

As I said earlier, naturally curly hair is caused by heredity as well as hormones. Hormones usually change if you become pregnant, or during puberty, the hair changes from curly to straight or straight to curly...vice versa...

Some people who have had chemotherapy, when their hair grows back become curly.

I use hair straightener to make my hair straight. It wastes a lot of time. It takes more than 25 minutes, trust me. I wish I know how to manage my curly neat and tidy.

Hello, reader, please let me to finalize this post later because one of my cheeky friend just complained about my wrong spelling and punctuation on my posts. I know I am useless in both languages. Rubbish English & အသံုးလံုး မေက်တဲ့ Burmese ဘဲတတ္တဲ့ ကြ်န္မေလ... ha… ha…. Stupid me...

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