Saturday, 15 May 2010


I have been publishing in Google blogs since I get a chance to use internet. I would like to say why I write the blog, why people should write blogs.

Even if nobody reads it, you should keep writing it. From my point of view, blogging is a source of information for me and the only way to communicate with my silent world. I questioned to some friend about blogging, they answer as follow;

(a) reluctant to write,
(b) some are busy
(c) Afraid to put their true thoughts on public record.
(d) Nobody will read it.

I have a lot of draft post which I am not going to publish in the web. For me blogging is same as confessing to a close friend. Don’t worry about reader satisfaction; I do worry about publishing some post. Because I worry about how will reader think about my post? I do have fear for consequences. However, I just want to say people whoever want to start blogging. Don’t be afraid to put your idea and information in blog. There are a lot of people who would like to tell the world. It will very helpful, if you can represent them by blogging , bring information on their behalf,

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