Friday, 14 May 2010


Before I writing this article, I asked myself "Am I interested in famous people?". The answer is "Yes". I am interested in celebrities all over the world, these includes politicians, scientists, notorious world leaders, business entrepreneurs, models, actors and actresses etcetera. Nowadays, I am obsessed with the television. I tend to check the news about celebrities without taking too seriously.

I personally think that the British media presents various news issues about famous people rather than politics, international news, documentaries and the weather. I believe that they tend to focus too much on untrue stories in order to attract public interest.

Next question is "Do they deserve to have a private life?". Nowadays most celebrities have no private lives because the media follows them wherever they are. However, some celebrities choose to have that kind of life. Some celebrities deliberately attempt to get their popularity in terms of selling their story for instance; divorce battles, relationships, gossip columns, income etcetera. I loathe the way the media presents celebrities personal lives whereas I respect some celebrities. As human beings, they all need and deserve to be respected. I assume that this is the dark side of the freedom of the press.

As I indicated in the above paragraphs, the public views celebrities as role models. Therefore the government should exercise more control over the media in order to control any bad behaviour of celebrities in the press, radio and television channels.

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