Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My Culture, Your Culture, Our Culture

Culture is something that people learn from their own society, and which is not only essential to describe the boundaries and disciplines but also creates a feeling of belonging and unity among people in their society. Every country has a different culture which represents music, literature, morals, customs, religions, law, language and the behaviour of a specific country.

My country where I belong to is situated in the Asia Pacific region. Like many Asian countries, Burmese culture is associated with religion. It is reported that 89% of the Burmese porpulation are Buddhists. Consequently the Burmese culture has been influened by Buddhism. Burmese children are taught from a very young age to respect and be kind to elders and vulnerable people. Manner and communication are very important in Burmese culture. Unlike western countries, Burmese couples avoid physical contact in public for instance, kissing, cuddling, holding hands and any other affectionate behaviour. It is considered that calling a person just by their name is very rude.Therefore you should address someone by an appropriate title, for instance, teracher, Sir, Mister (ဦး) , Miss (ေဒၚ), Moreover, interrupting conversation is unpolite from a cultural point of view.

people from other countries think our culture has some boundaries specifically strictness whereas the nature of the people is flaxiable and fairy sociable. Of cause, they are, but the current ruling government has not been nice to the civilians since they demanded a new administration followed by freedom, justice and democracy. I am very proud to be a Burmese citizen on account of the family oriented culture eventhough I don't appreciate the current law and ruling military government for its cruel treatment toward their own citizen, for instance, while cyclone Nargis affected our country, the military junters did not allow international rescue teams to provide relief to cyclone effected areas. There were many more obvious evidence of unfair, inhuman treatment of innocent civilians.

English culture is very different from the far East. It is thought to be sophisticated and open-minded. It is relatively hard to understand their way of speaking unless you can catch up their local ascent. The legal administration is very systematic and transparent. The public have the right to express what they think. Besides this , they have freedom of speech.

It is said that English people are reserved however, in relation to my own experience, majority of them are extrovert, open-minded people. In addition they respect their law. Education standard is higher than other developed countries. Colleges and Universities have moden equipment and many other resources. It is good to stay for obvious academic benefits.

As culture changes through time to time, the young generation behaves differently from the old time. There is a more or less similar culture among young people all over the world beause of globalisation. As a result, people can automatically adopt different cultures. From my own point of view, culture is an idenity for where you belong. Therefore, I would encourage young people to maintain and protect their own culture. There were a few cultural adjustments I needed to experience once I arrived in here. Besides this people can gain experience of different cultures, language skills, interpersonal skills,...etc. However long - term settlement in abroad (whichever country) is likely to be challenging and it does need careful consideration.

If someone visits to my country, I would advise them to take care of personal safety. Cameras, recorders and USB pen-drives are probable checked and their use is prohibited within the visit. Stay at a safe distance if there is revolution. In general, the other possible difficulties in Burma are adjusting to different climates. It is more confortable to wear thin cotton cloth due to the tropical weather.

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