Thursday, 8 April 2010


I kept getting nasty head ache.
Working in a store for 14 hours during the day, 2hrs cleaning job at the office for night time. Killing a robot with work load. Yes ... you are right. Justin.

So I tried to have more rest, but the headache did not stop. It developed more and more. I felt dizzy and started vomiting. It felt numb like after anaesthetist injection.
My GP sent me to hospital for tests for a swollen liver. Then X – ray text.
It came back clear. Still something’s wrong. I was right.
Then at 10:20 am on July 09
“hi.... Eddy, are you wake up, sleeping - head?” you rang me. I tried to grab phone. The light from the window hit me and so it did stabbing, shooting pain. It felt like my head would explode. And I vomited too.

You drove 3 hrs from where you live and helped me out.
You assured me everything would be ok.
I believed you because you were my rock.
We’d meet nearly 6 years before as a friend. Some people think we’re couple because we always talk each other from A-Z. And once we worked together we shared one lunch box. Mostly you cooked and I helped you eat. I trusted you completely. So, if you said I’d be OK. I would be….
But in the next morning when I woke up, I felt like suffocated. I tried to open the window to get air. Once I tough the handle I black out. I lost contact with the world for few minutes.
I was rushed into theatre for an emergency treatment.
When came back, you were by my bedside.
Bless you, Eddy!!!
For two weeks, I could not eat and walk. But I battled back to health. Even came home. I had 6 months of strong antibiotic courses. I have lost a lot of hair, been sick and weak.
But every step, you’re there every support you gave me.
You shaped my life as you designed my presentation.

You are my rock and my world. Therefore there is no way to let you go from my life.


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